Donation & Sponsorship Policy

IDC Communications is dedicated to supporting organizations in the communities in which we do business, as well as encouraging the initiatives of employees who are committed to a particular social cause. IDC Communications supports local organizations that promote health, education, sports and community life.

This commitment to the community is expressed in the following ways:
– Financial support or goods and services given to companies and/or organizations.
– Financial or material support, or services to organizations or events in exchange for visibility of our brands or products and services.
– Supporting charities and events by way of actively raising donations/monetary contributions through the involvement of IDC staff and management.

General Guidelines
IDC Communications will prioritize projects, organizations or initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of local communities in which we operate.

Priority Sectors
While not an exclusive list, IDC prioritizes the following sectors for donations and sponsorships:
• Health;
• Education;
• Amateur sports and physical activity;
• Fighting against poverty;
• Fighting abuse against people

Priority Clientle
IDC will give priority to the following:
• Organizations that maintain a business relationship with IDC Communications
utilizing it’s products and services;
• Communities where IDC Communications conducts business;
• Public foundations that support institutions in the health sector;
• Organizations that conduct activities in the priority sectors favored by IDC Communications

General Criteria
• The requesting organization’s mission is centered on improving the quality of life
of a community in which IDC Communications is present;
• It conducts activities in the priorty sectors favoured by IDC Communications;

Criteria for Donations
• Registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency;
• The request MUST be accompanied by supporting documents outlining the contributes
of the organization is making towards the quality of life in our community
• The request MUST be accompanied by supporting documents outlining the Charity that will benefit

Criteria for Sponsorships
The organizations, projects and events that IDC Communications partners with must align with our culture, values and business objectives. Sponsorships MUST allow IDC Communications to showcase its Brand, Products and/or Services.

Sponsorships requests must meet at least one of the following objectives:
• Increase IDC’s visibility among its customers and business partners
• Position IDC as the Communications provider of choice
• Promote IDC’s products and services

A donation or sponsorship will not be granted to:
• An organization or project that does not fall under the sectors prioritized by IDC Communications;
• An organization or project that supports a political cause;
• An activity that involves the sale of tickets by IDC Communications employees;
• A request submitted in the form of a circular letter or reply form;
• A local or regional campaign by an organization that is already supported by IDC Communications
or Bell MTS
• Events such as Socials, Events hosted at a Bar or Lounge or Events where the
leading beneficiary is an individual
• A project located outside Manitoba

Submit a request
If your request adheres to the above guidelines, please forward in writing to:
IDC Communications – Donations
1385 Niakwa Rd E
Winnipeg, MB  R2J 3T3

or email your request to: [email protected]